Home Organizing Projects 101

If you break down your organizing projects into little bite sized pieces, it makes it so much easier. And when it's easy, you will do it, and once you have successfully done it once or twice it makes you more excited about the next project!

Here are my latest projects that I worked on during the big snow storm. There's nothing like being stuck inside for days to get you working on your house - at least that's what I did!

Here are my tips :: throw a lot out!! Keep only the things you need in the space - other items go somewhere else.  This space had been bugging me for awhile. I moved the recipe books in the back to another space entirely - that freed up a lot of room.  I cleared out the cabinets below this counter so I could put more things away

Putting things on a tray or in shallow containers looks better and is easier to keep clean.

Here was another trouble spot : bookshelves with too many unused cooking magazines and more. I moved the plant - too much for this spot. Took a hard look at the magazines that I love but don't use. I invited friends who I know love to cook and asked them to take as many as they wanted and then recycled the rest. Went through last years kids school work (why was that taking up valuable space for so long??) and recycled almost all of it. I do have a basket in the dining room where I put homework resources and some of my child's study guides made their way into that basket. The rest was recycled. I also have lots of gently used notebooks and binders that we keep and reuse throughout the school year. Much of what was on the bookshelf went to the basement where I store all the school supplies. Lastly, I paired down my dictionaries  - one household does not need more than two or three at most - the others were shipped off to our elementary school for donations.  Take a look at the difference that WEEDING OUT STUFF can make ::