Before/After :: Pin Board for a Teen Bedroom

Our young client asked for a large pin board above her new desk.  We looked into getting a stock item, but we couldn't find something that she liked in the size she wanted.  So we took our lead from other bloggers who have given great step-by-step directions on how to do this yourself.

First stop: Home Depot.  We purchased a large stock (4ft by 8ft) piece of Homasote, or Smart Board.  They are sold in these large sheets.  The nice people at Home Depot will cut in onsite, and so we had them cut our piece such that our client could have a large board .... 4ft wide and 3ft high.  Our handyman fastened the board to the wall, using screws and wall anchors.  It's not heavy, but we wanted it to be sturdy.

We purchased a beautiful batik print from  Our board took 2 yards with a bit left over.  We pinned it into place, and used ribbon as the border.  We fastened the ribbon on with flat white pushpins, and then we found these awesome colorful pushpins from  They pull together the colorful elements in the room beautifully.

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