I'm Bored!!

It's that time of year again - the stuck indoors time. We all know that kids, if left to their own devices would be on them all day long! Like my pun?? What to do?

Start a game area! If you have games out and easy to find as well as a table to play them on you have a much better chance that the kids will actually play them! Keep them in a central place in the house. We have a basket of games in the living room. We had a board/card game Christmas - we received as well as gave games such as : UNO, Phase 10 (so fun - by the makers of UNO), Love Letter, Bananagrams, Slamwich and Hang Four.  And we learned how to play Settlers Of Cattaan. A really fun game with a similarly strong strategy element as Monopoly - but more fun and with less of a time commitment!
These games can all be found on line at Amazon as well as your local toy store. Grab a few and get ready for indoor winter fun!