Perfect Christmas DIY Gift Project

This is a gift idea I come back to again and again. Homemade salt scrubs. Whole Foods has half the job done for you too! Below are a few of the soaking salts they sell. I start with these then add some fine grain sea salt, oils and scents. You can also just use sea salts and epsom salts too. This is fantastic for your body in the winter to help exfoliate and hydrate your skin. I like to use either jojoba or sweet almond oil. The basic recipe is as follows and then I have a great link with lots of other ideas too. Start with a mixture of salts, epsom and fine grained sea salt are good. Wait - first start with a nice jar! You can reuse or buy new - either works. then mix salt, oil and scents like chopped lemon rind, lavender or mint essential oils. You want the texture to be oily enough that most of the salt stays on your skin as you rub it in, but not so oily that it drips. Get really crafty and make your own labels for the top of sides of the jar. Another idea is to just wrap the jar with origami paper - very thin so it adheres easily to glass with watered down glue or a glue stick.
Click here to find a bunch of different salt/sugar scrub recipes! Happy gift making!