Gallery Walls :: Our Easy Breezy Approach

One of our favorite things to do for people is help them to create beautiful gallery walls in their home.  We generally do not do this in a strict grid with all identical frames.  Instead, we enjoy using different images and treasured artwork, some with large mats, so that you end up with a deeply personal grouping.

In this case, we wanted to help the homeowners to group photos on a specific wall, with favorite images that they had gathered for the purpose.  A light switch and thermostat are also on this wall, and we wanted to minimize their visual impact.

We started by moving the low bookcase out of the way while we were hanging frames, keeping in mind that it would come back in and be a nice grounding "base" for the gallery wall.  Then we chose a framed collage of smaller photos to be at the center of the grouping.  You hang this at eye level or slightly higher, and then you can work out from there.  This technique allows you to add other images over time without the need to rework the entire collection.

We carefully chose the next images based on their size and shape, and grouped them so that each image was a similar distance apart.  We are NOT exact in this, and it can always take a different form.  We spend time discussing the pros and cons of different arrangements, and almost always make minor adjustments as we go.  You should always do this with at least two people. because it helps to have perspective ... plus, someone has to hand you the hammer as you hold the frame up on the wall!

We especially love how this grouping turned out, because we think it really makes the utilitarian features on the wall recede, and the important features can take center stage!

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