Before/After :: Changes in the Mudroom

You can hardly call this a mudroom, but I'm trying to make it more of a workhorse in my home.  I love the bold color on the walls, and the fun modern art, but the hooks just weren't able to hold up to the myriad of items that we've acquired.  Then, one bank of hooks fell off the wall!  A sure sign that I needed to make some changes.  My kids needed more cubbies in which to stow their stuff.

Here was what I had to deal with first :: both the hook banks really messed up the walls and I did a quick and dirty patch job.

I patched as best I could, knowing that the new furniture would cover most of it, then painted swaths of grey on the walls to contrast with the bright pink (which I knew I could never match!).  Then I added some inexpensive Ikea bookcases, one of our "go-to" products to help clients with organization.  The whole thing works much better for my family.

not fantastic but not too bad for not pulling in a professional

this wall needs hooks which I am still looking for
and I'm being real here - does not always look pretty even when measures are in place! But its much better than it was!

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