Stunning Urban Kitchen Reno :: Before/After

The homeowner had been itching to embark on a kitchen renovation ever since she bought the place .... some of us know that feeling, right??

These three pictures show the kitchen from a few different angles, with the refrigerator around the corner.  Lots of strange pockets of space, and no long counter run.  Also, the previous renovation had covered over part of the only window in the space!

Here are some pictures taken after the renovation is complete.  

The new cabinets were hung higher.  The layout changed completely -- by revealing the full height of the kitchen's only window, and changing the location of all the major appliances to make this small kitchen much more efficient.  Don't forget to take notice of the classic finishes on the cabinetry. We've also mixed in some pictures of the original butler's pantry around the corner, spruced up and ready to hold the homeowner's collections!