Creating an Eclectic Dish Collection

Over the years I have been slowly curating my everyday dishes. I like the more rustic pottery looking ones and have weeded out the dishes I don't like while accumulating the ones I do. I pick them up from different stores when I see a good sale.

The white bowls on the top shelf left are new additions from Crate & Barrel - on sale for $1.97 each. I bought 6 initially and went back and bought 4 more! They are the perfect size for cereal, ice-cream, soup. The smaller bowls on the right are  from Anthropologie. I love these! And since one has gone missing - I suspect one of the kids broke one and does not want to tell me - I am thinking of going back to get a few more. The bottom shelf has hand made bowls from a neighbor and older C&B bowls.
The plates are from my sister in law who was upgrading - I liked her colors better than what I had at the time and snagged them. They might need an upgrade soon too!

Glasses are the same story. Most are actually spaghetti and jam jars - but a few are from IKEA. Again I just buy a few that I like and they create a fun eclectic mix!