DC Design House 2015 :: Part Two!

We wrote a post on Tuesday that really concentrated on the wonderful art at the Design House this year, but we've got lots more eye candy for you today.  There are several elements in the home that are out of reach for those with a tight budget, but many of the concepts can be adapted.

For instance, we like this clever idea :: top a console table with treasured objects, a lamp, and a fabulous piece of art.  Then stow a pair of ottomans underneath to pull into the room when needed for extra seating in a pinch.

This is a riff on that idea :: simply layering objects to create a look that suggests you've collected the pieces over time.

This is, of course, a very unique and specific look for a ceiling.  It creates a tray ceiling and adds organic wood elements to create a "one of a kind" look.  Note the modern chandelier that's paired with this rustic ceiling.

Here's an example of using just a bit of expensive tile to create an accent among the majority of the remaining tile.

Wouldn't you love to have a closet like this for yourself, much less for your newborn child?  Still, it shows how it takes different storage options (shelving, hanging, baskets) to create a customized space .

I simply love this idea.  Find a pair of unusual mirrors and mount them above a pair of nightstands.  They will reflect the light from the lamps.

This is a unique art installation :: a photograph printed onto watercolor paper, and then mounted behind glass for an organic look.  Note the raw edges for the paper.

We don't all have a talented decorative painter or muralist standing by, but wow, this is a wonderful way to transform a hallway that would otherwise simply be a way to pass from one space to another.  I really like the blue lantern that hangs from the ceiling among all this beauty.

This is an interesting way to wrap a room in a unifying element, with the headboard and walls echoing each other.  Beautiful lamps on the nightstands, sumptuous bedding, and a trio of framed art pieces hung closely together.  Note the gorgeous bar cart off to the side.

We saw this in one of the bathrooms and were struck by its beauty and function.  Lots of storage, with adjustable shelves, plus a bench with drawers.

This is a nice large and simple chandelier to carry you through a transition area in the home.  It throws a nice quality of light and doesn't specify any particular look.

The kitchen is simply gorgeous .. not a shocker!  Exposed beams are very "in" right now, and it makes the kitchen look more inviting, even with all the white cabinetry and stone.  I also really appreciate the large windows over the kitchen sink.  It's so nice to have that much natural light, in any kitchen!

An inviting and cozy conversation spot beckons you as soon as you step out into the backyard.  It is set a bit away from the house, and they've used simple and classic square stones to create a walkway that's embedded into the lawn.  You have lots of seating around a beautiful stone fire pit.  Perfection!

This picture was taken in the butler's pantry, and I loved how the gorgeous greens of the limes are reflected in the wallpaper.  They also designed a substantial marble backsplash to carry up the wall.

One of our favorite parts of the house :: the lower level.  It is technically the basement, but it's so well lit and inviting that you really want to hang out and invite all your friends over.  Several zones exist next to each other :: a bar, a lounge, a media room, a reading area.

The bar is unbelievable.  The designer used the rustic beams and a stone front underneath the bar top that's illuminated, which makes it seem cozy and inviting.  Lighting is so important in a basement, and this just hits it out of the park!  Don't you love the pendants?  Plus, the gorgeous tile on the back wall and the open shelving add to the fun dynamic.

I've long been a fan of taking a square-ish space and using a setup of 4 chairs and a round "coffee" table.  Everyone feels comfortable and you can see everyone in the group.  The art adds a unique quality to this little conversation zone.  They've also added a soft curtain along the edges, if another group were to be holding court in the adjacent rooms.

This is the media room.  But doesn't have lots of built-ins and storage, like we've come to expect.  Now, electronics are more streamlined and it really does make a difference, visually and design-wise.  They've created a nice seating area which is clearly focused on the large television.  The addition of a table or desk directly behind the sofa can perform a variety of functions :: a place to set up a laptop, or set out a puzzle, or set out food and seating for younger children (or adults!).  A clever idea.

So that's it from the Design House.  Thanks for reading the entire post.  Bravo!

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