Children's Artwork 101

We've all dealt with this - the huge pile of children's artwork, slowly spilling over from its confined space in a drawer.  It grows and grows and then so does the anxiety - "what should I do with all of this?" Our solution? Celebrate it! Depending on the wall space you have pick the images you like best and make several spaces thoughout the house - or office!
Here's how we solved the problem for one of our clients. We were making her playroom off the dinning room and kitchen into a more welcoming, cosy and useful space for her three kids. Having artwork on the walls was important to her. She picked out about 13 images she liked and we bought white Ribba frames from Ikea. Some went into the play room grouped together on two different walls, and a couple went into the kids bedroom.

Here's how the art transformed the play room ::

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