Before/After :: Creating an Art Space (without spending a dime!)

 I've been taking a painting class for the last several months, and I was searching for a place to keep my supplies available and organized, yet tucked into a cozy area with natural light.  It occurred to me one day to convert a pass-through hallway (with a door that we rarely use) into my sacred space.

First things first.  I had to find a home for all the other stuff that currently resided in the hallway.  The hardest part for most projects is to take that first step!  But once I got into it, it actually went pretty quickly and forced me to organize other areas as well.  Win-win!

The exercise bike got moved back into the family room, where it belongs!

The table, which had been holding a bunch of books, old notebooks, framed art, and other flotsam, got cleared off ... and I realized I could use it at the end of the hallway if I turned it.  Fit perfectly!

I also pulled up the rug ... not sure if I'll put it back down.  It's been there for 7 years and is perfectly functional, but I may live without it for awhile.

I dusted and swept the floors (what a difference!) and tried a task lamp, but I think I'll like the cozy light of the larger lamp better.  We'll see.

It's been really fun to have my own space with a view of my backyard.  I'll be able to accessories the walls and maybe add a few ledges for temporary displays + storage ... down the road.

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