My New Favorite Cookbook

I have always loved the Cook's Illustrated magazines and books - and this one is my current favorite! It has fantastic recipes which are pretty easy by CI standards and so far the results are awesome! I have made two dinners - one a pasta and another a roast beef. I have always been a bit scared of fancy cuts of red meat and so tend to stay away from them - preferring easy chicken breasts. Problem is my family loves red meat and it's the one dish all three kids will eat. So I screwed up my courage and bought a eye-round roast - I still don't know what that means - but it was delicious!! And I used the leftovers the next night for make-your-own burritos. SUCCESS! See all the little tabs sticking out of the top - I have lots more meals planned! Next up is slow cooker pulled pork - will let you know how it turns out.

beef right out of the oven

leftover beef for my salad the next afternoon

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