Happy New Year!

It's so nice to start off the new year with a clean pallet - whatever that might be for you. I decided to clean my refrigerator and freezer from bottom to the top. The gunk build up in the freezer was so bad and something very sticky had spilled onto the rails so that we could not open the freezer door more than 5 inches or so. Something needed to be done! I unplugged the whole thing to let it defrost. We opened the doors and let it air out.  I cleaned the whole thing with soap and hot water - pulling out the shelves and drawers to clean in the sink and then let it all dry out some more. We have a small refrigerator downstairs we were able to put everything in while we defrosted our main refrigerator. However - with the temps outside right now we have been keeping somethings on the porch! We plugged it back and let it cool down for at least 24 hours to make sure it is cold enough to keep the food safe. I hear it humming now and at 4:30 today I will put all the food back in! Its a big job - it took about three hours of cleaning - but well worth it!