Ever Tried Bananagrams?

This is a fantastic game. We discovered it a few years ago and now bring it everywhere we travel. We played it obsessively over Christmas up at my parent's house. It's great for 2 people or a group and it works with young and old. My 8 year old and my 84 year old uncle play together all the time. It's fun and educational and great for your brain. Win win win. And now that we are indoors a lot more its easier to get everyone around the table for a round or two! You can buy it in toy stores and bookstores. We keep our in the dining/living room area with a few other games all stored in a portable basket. Makes it easy to grab and play a few rounds - anything to get them away from the screens! In rotation in our house now :: Bananagrams, Shut the Box (bought at Williamsburg, it's an old game - but I have seen it at toy stores too) Mancala (also old) and a few sets of cards. We're also obsessed with Solitaire and double Solitaire.