Pie Season

Today is not the only day for pies - if you did not get one made for Turkey day - do not despair! Christmas is coming!! I made both apple and pumpkin pies. I use the apple pie recipe from Cook's Illustrated, which has great magazines and cook books. I use their dough recipe as well as their apple pie. This is the first I have seen of the vodka - I have never used it in my dough! For the pumpkin pie I use the recipe off the Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin. You have to buy the pumpkin for the pie so you can just read it off the can when making! See pictures below for the steps more or less. I always make the dough a day or two before the actual pie baking. Splitting the work over two days makes it more manageable. I know a lot of people think "making a pie is crazy! Just go by one" but there is NOTHING better than home made pie and crust!

apples before slicing 

dough being rolled out

apples cut up and mixed with lemon juice, sugar and spices
folding up dough to put in pie plate


ready for the oven

pumpkin pie

apple pie