HomeGrown Art Projects

Looking for a new influx of art in your home? Not artistic? Don't want to pay premium prices for "real" art? Don't worry! Here are a few examples of how to have interesting and unique art in your home for minimal expense and work - and it's really fun! The first work of art is something my daughter and her friend did together. Basically you peel the paper off of crayons and then place them on a canvas. You can buy canvases at Michael's and other art supply stores. Then you use a hairdryer to melt the crayons  - once melted they are blown around the canvas by the force of air from the dryer. Pretty cool.

These are just close up photos of shells we found on a beach trip. Close shots like this make for great abstract art. Taken with a phone of course - no really fancy camera necessary.

This pieces were done by my children at the tender age of 4 in preschool! The teacher had them place marbles in bowls of paint. Then you place marbles in a plastic tub with paper in it. Then you tilt the container back and forth to move the marbles all around. Look what happens!! I loved this. I was in the school that day and was totally fascinated! And also - almost anything in a frame (inexpensive Ribba frames from IKEA) looks like a hundred bucks!

These last examples were also done by the kids using Spin Art. Remember that? The fun and creativity is endless! You can buy Spin Art kids at toy stores. GO CRAZY and decorate your house!