Are You Ready For the Paper Storm?

I am! Yesterday I spent several hours recycling all the unnecessary paper from my kitchen and command central. All the old school papers from last year that were no longer relevant, the mailings that had been accumulating for months :: 2, 3, and 4 month old Costco coupons, CVS coupons and anything else I had thought was important last spring, but was never used. I am pretty happy with those before and after shots!

 It was all recycled!

Here you can see the clip boards I have affixed to my bookshelf for each of the kids school work. They are "clear" and ready to receive more papers. I filed all the paper work that had been piling up on my desk and made a few folders for just the info I need to grab several times a week. I even decorated my tea tin with origami paper to make it a pretty receptacle for the gift cards my kids get for birthday presents.