What Curtains Can Do For A Room

I wanted to put curtains up in this room for a long time - and having a party last week was finally enough of an incentive to do it! I found these great shimmery graphic curtains - that go fabulously with the new grey color on the walls - at IKEA shockingly enough.  If you are looking for nice stock curtains IKEA is a great place to start.

I picked up the curtain rod at Target - they had a nice selection and I was looking for something rounded and silver so I was very pleasantly surprised they had what I wanted!

We measured and screwed in the curtain rod hangers without difficulty

It adds such a nice sophistication to the room and makes it cozier and more comfortable. Curtains can be used just for design and stay open all the time or closed to block light coming in, or for privacy to block views from going out. I have been keeping mine open. They also hit the ground and billow a bit on the floor. I have not decided yet whether to get them hemmed on not. I like of like the "pooling" effect.