The Complete Kitchen Before/After!

Here's a complete collection of comparative pictures.  All the "pre-renovation" shots feature our green cabinetry.  Fun!
The first grouping is for the range wall and the wall that contains the refrigerator.  The fridge actually stuck out into the kitchen so much that it blocked access to the drawer and cabinet at one side.  Not a good feature! 
Also, we had the recessed cabinets above the fridge that are completely useless because they are quite difficult to access.  The countertop you see in the near left holds a yellow coffee cup.  That wall (and its corresponding counter and cabinet) will be removed.

Now, here's the same wall.  We were able to gain a bit more space because we eliminated the corner cabinet along the left side.

The next series of shots shows the kitchen from the other side, which is the entrance to our basement.  You can see through to the wall on the right that eventually is removed, and on to the dining area beyond.  The left side of this wall is the rear wall, which looks out to the backyard.  This wall is totally transformed by a wall of windows.  We moved the exterior door.  The sink placement is roughly the same.

Now, we are in the dining room.  The left wall is mostly eliminated during the renovation.  The sliding glass doors are also eliminated.  The window wall takes the place of the sliders and the other window to its left.

Below, you can see the wall completely exposed, with the old sliding glass doors.  The wall on the near left (with cords hanging out) is the old chalkboard wall.  It was mostly removed, but what remained we painted with chalkboard paint to the ceiling.  Then, in the next picture, you see the completed product with the window wall.  We love it!


We had the wood floors extended from the old dining room area in to the new kitchen.  It makes everything flow really nicely.

Love this new view!  You can see where the new exterior door takes the place of the old window, and the entrance to the basement stays the same.  By clustering the doors together in the corner of the room, we've been able to alter traffic patterns and make the whole space work much better for our family.


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