Medicine (and more) Closet Revamp

We all have one of those closets which are visited by small gnomes during the night and "rearranged". Mine is the hallway closet where almost everything goes. It needs to be worked on every 6 months - I have definitely lapsed and who knows how long it's been!  Here are before and afters of the afternoon I dedicated to working on it. I found, as with most household clearing and cleaning projects, the more you remove from the premises the better your final outcome!

The bottom two shelves had actually started to fall down - and we could barely yank sheets out! I ended up donating sheets, towels and bath mats that I was not going to use anymore. Top sheets which I have recently stopped using - but was not sure I really wanted to get rid of - I moved downstairs to another closet dedicated to all sheets and towels.

What was I going to do with all these travel/plastic bags?? I consolidated and used lots of old tupperware containers to better organize the closet. I tried to put things that the kids should have easy access to like bandaids and towels within reach and other items like lice combs and epi-pens higher up! Somehow I did not end up with the picture of the trash bag I threw out! WooHoo. Simplicity!