Bringing The Outdoors In

I love that all the trees are in full bloom and it's so green - sorry about that for you allergy sufferers - but summer is here! I have been trying to bring more of the green and colorful stuff inside. And so far I have not killed too many plants. It has been huge help that my neighbor keeps having little plant sales and putting potted plants from his house into his front yard with a sign that says : FREE. I have taken more than my share! So now my house looks like this :

This one I had actually passed on when I saw it outside in the neighbor's yard. But then found it sitting on my kitchen floor. My 10 year old told me he liked it and dragged it into the house. It looks like a giant squid but it's growing on me.

I only bought two of these - rest are from next door.

ok I bought all of these - but I wanted to show off my plants