Watermelon Time

We are big watermelon people - usually putting away a whole melon in about 3 days! The kids of course like to eat their watermelon in different ways.   One likes slices "like smiles" and another likes to make balls with the melon baller (something every household should have come summer) and then every few days they like the opposite of what they first said! So what I do to make everyone happy is slice a large melon in half and with one half I slice off slices and the other I use the baller. Storage is an issue because they are so big. If we eat a lot as I first open it up, I usually ball the entire half and put it in Tupperware in the fridge. The other half I keep on a plate in the fridge. It does take up a lot of room - and if I use the basement fridge then often it is forgotten about. It can be a slippery slope -You just have to eat a lot of watermelon!!