Update to my Gallery Wall

The thing about gallery walls that is so awesome - actually there are many things that are awesome about gallery walls - but the one I will start with is this :: you can stop at any point and then pick up again and add more pictures, images, tin letters, etc. as you find them. It can grow very organically.
I originally had this little ensemble without the H and where the H is now I had the tulip image that is now on the left of the grouping. When I bought the H - from REfind (in Vienna at 101 Church Street, NW), I decided that it would look nice cradled by the art work and photos, and then was able to move the tulip paining to the side. That is just how things work when putting together a gallery wall! I am going to buy a nice bright turquoise ribbon when next at Michael's to hang the H. That will pull in all the turquoise from around the room.

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