New Ikea Goodies!

At a recent trip to Ikea I spied some fun new treasures.  Looking at my collection of pictures, I now realize they are all items that hold things - seems I need many "holders" in my house!

Riffla Basket - I thought this was a great basket. Great for a kids room,fancy enough for the living room, and sturdy enough for anything you need to corral.

Ikea PS Secretary - I covet this . . . and I have the perfect place in my living room for it! It is sleek and small and closes up so no one sees all the mess. Love it.

This is another Ikea PS piece - but I could not find it on the website. It was with the desks and office furniture in the store. We loved it because it was so small and you can have a little laptop stand wherever you need it!  Check out the nifty pullout drawer on the bottom.

Enudden -could be used a handy little bedside catch-all. I am going to put next to all my kids beds for their alarm clocks. They are on bunk beds and a loft bed - so have no bedside table. This is perfect.