Kitchen Planning :: Choosing the Cabinet Hardware (and some appliances!)

I've got everything on order now :: cabinets, countertops, and the hardware to go on all my gorgeous new cabinets and drawer fronts.  I've always liked the vintage bin pull for drawers.  It's functional and pleasing to the eye --- seems more "furniture-y" than a standard kitchen drawer pull.

When I spied the oil-rubbed bronze finish on these pulls, it seemed like a slam dunk!  (Pardon my blurry Iphone photo.)

I like the way it looks with my quartz countertop selection and with the maple cabinets I've chosen.  Remember:  I'm going for a French cottage/vintage pastry shop look.  All along, I was doing black appliances with black countertops. 

Then, I was convinced to drop the "all black appliance" search.  I really want a kitchen that is unique and doesn't look like I chose the appliances all in one day at one store.  So I'm staying with my new/existing black dishwasher, and going stainless steel for the refrigerator.  The new range is a nice updated mix of black and stainless, which I think will be just the right touch. 

Here's the stuff I picked, in a showroom setting!

I really like how simple the stove top is, with the raised grates and the wide spaces for my pots.  I have a 30" opening for my range, so I need to be efficient!  Many models had a built-in skillet top, but I prefer the look and simplicity of the four burners only.  This model also has a warming drawer.

I also wrestled with the decision about microwave/hood placement.  I have a basic hood currently, with two lights and a fan that works well.  I also have a microwave, which we don't use all the time, but when we need it, we use it!  I didn't want it to be the focal point of the kitchen, and I'd heard that the microwave hoods are not terribly efficient.

With all that in mind, I ultimately decided on an exposed "chimney-style" stainless steel hood to pull odors away from the cooktop.  We intend to choose a simple/classic subway style tile backsplash, and I think it will look great installed up the wall behind this hood.

So, back to the hardware:  I decided I wanted to tie the pulls in to relate to the appliances and the new undermount stainless steel sink. (The faucet will also have the same finish.)  I had two choices for the finish:  stainless steel and pewter.  This sample board shows the oil-rubbed bronze finish at the top, and the stainless finish, just below (which was too shiny for me!)

So I went with the pewter finish, showed next to my wood sample, above.  I think it's the just the right vintage/aged metal look that I'm going for.
Thanks for reading!

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