Pretty Flower Pots

I bought some African Violets a few weeks ago and wondered how to make them look nicer in on the ledge of my dining room window. The store-bought containers were unattractive, and I did not want to spend money on a really large planter that might accommodate all of them. And then I happened to think of all the little tins that items come with - particularly the tea tins I have in the house. I added to these some pink "buckets" I picked up at Target for $1 each - and I had a project!

  I simply nailed holes through the bottom of the tins so water could escape, then added packaging peanuts for better drainage.

Outside I added potting soil and then transferred the plants to their new dwellings!

Aren't they adorable? You could easily have them inside on a window ledge or outside in the porch or on the front steps! Happy Spring!

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