A Simple on-the-fly Pasta Dish

The other night, I decided that I wanted a fresh and easy pasta dish for dinner but was not really sure how to make it. I just threw some ingredients together and lucked out! I did consult my brother-in-law about the details of the sauce - and although I did not have wine, broth worked well instead. I started with lots of chopped garlic sautéing in olive oil. When golden but not too brown I added defrosted and shelled edamame along with strips of roasted red pepper. As I was cooking this, I made a pot of whole wheat spaghetti. After the vegetables were cooked a bit, I added some chicken broth - although white wine was preferable. This adds some needed sauce without actually making a separate sauce. Then I added the pasta to the vegetables and shredded parmesan cheese on top! It was delicious and quick - and just what I had envisioned for dinner!