Organizing cookbooks

I am a big fan of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food - which is sadly no longer published. However as you can see,  I have kept every issue and therefore have a great little collection!  The only question is :: how to organize all of these?

I had them housed on a bookshelf, and then in a pullout drawer. I decided that both of these were ill-conceived ideas that wasted space. Cut to the dining room, where I had an interesting wooden vessel (I really should do a little research and find out what this thing actually is!) that I picked up at a local store in Falls Church called Rough Luxe Marketplace. It's owned and operated by Kelly from Stylish Patina. Great place to find lots of vintage furniture and home stuff. I had this wooden container sitting on the floor holding random things I had not put away. Not a great situation for many reasons!!

So I suddenly thought - that is the perfect vessel for all my MS cookbooks. It fit all the magazines perfectly and I found a good spot on the counter top where I can easily peruse the books and find a yummy dinner every night!

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