New Acquisition:: A Craigs List Treasure!

I have a beautiful round copper table in a small-ish space.  I decided to look for a bench that I could place along the wall for a couple of kids to sit on.  It would ultimately allow me to move the table closer to the wall, and give me a bit more space in the room.   I've had a hard time finding just the right thing.
And then, this:  purchased for $40!  Found on Craig's List, while doing a simple search for "wood bench".  Turns out, it is a nesting bench.  The two little tables fit snugly underneath the bench, by sliding into these special notched out areas.  It is the coolest design, and my perfect dining bench!

The only hitch?  I didn't like the wood finish, so I sprayed it with flat black paint.  Didn't prep it at all.  No sanding!  Went on great and dried really quickly.

I ultimately did one more finish with a glossy black, and may sand a bit off along the edges to make it look more aged.

But for now, I'm thrilled with the result! 

The table before:

 And after:

It's much less clutter, visually -- with the added bonus of more space in the room.  Win-win!

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