decluttering a dresser

I am revving up for a big change in my living room - which if you follow this blog you have already heard. Years ago we knocked down a couple of walls - a move we love - but I found it made the room tricky to furnish and organize. I have been moving the furniture all over the place ever since trying to figure out how it should look, what is most comfortable? sophisticated? family friendly? And which of these aspects am I most looking for in this room anyway? I decided that I needed to declutter the room and see what it looked like bare-bones to really know where to go from there. I started with this pink dresser. It had served it's purpose but was beginning to feel too bulky and unnecessary in the room. All of the items it stored I was able to find new homes for easily and I brought it down to the guest room which could use a bit more storage. Next up :: paint the walls!! Stay tuned for the next phases.

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