Calendar as Art

We were looking for an inexpensive idea for an art installation and came across these gorgeous calendars.  A little "cut and paste" project and we now have 12 awesome custom-looking pieces for about $10 a pop!  Here's how:
As readers of this blog should know, we always use Ikea frames as our "go to" source for ready made.  However, we didn't have the right sizes and colors on hand, and we didn't have time to get to Ikea.  Instead, we hit the local Michael's and got a dozen of these 12x12 frames while scoring a "buy one, get one free" deal.  12 frames at $5 a piece.  A bargain!
We also knew that our calendar pages were 11 inches wide and we needed to account for the extra inch in each frame.  The look of art "floating" behind glass is appealing, but for this project we wanted a stronger statement to make the beautiful art pop within the frame.  So we picked up 12 pieces of black cardstock (also at Michaels).

Now, the fun part!  Using a paper cutter, we trimmed the spiral edge off the top of each page, and cut the bottom edge to match.  At that point, we had a piece of art that measured 11x11.  We used acid-free tape to adhere each square onto the cardstock.  Then we cleaned the class, and fit them into their frames.

A nice way to honor a client's love of travel, and the bonus of having a large number of frames to use solo or in a grouping.

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