A Complete Transformation to Consider

For several years, I have been mulling over how best to present/organize/decorate/furnish our living room. After the holidays (especially) I want to have a calmer and more elegant look to this room. And I feel that now I am finally ready to move forward with some plans!

The first is to paint the walls. I am tired of the avocado green - it is too, for lack of a better word, mushy and feels dark and old. I am going for a cool clean grey. A couple pictures down you can see the two colors next to each other. I might go a wee bit darker - will let you know. Then I have plans to update the blinds which I have never liked. After that I am putting up curtains with a fun silver and grey pattern. And then adding two high gloss grey Expedit shelves from Ikea. Right now there is a black Expedit under the window - that will be moved, maybe under the big bright fish picture. The dresser there is also feeling old and too heavy for that space.

See the ideas are just rolling now that we are in the new year?  I'll be sure to keep you updated on the stages of evolution for this room: new furniture, rugs? lighting? I am excited! Change is good.

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