Kitchen Gadgets Galore!!

On a recent trip to Ikea I stumbled across two fabulous finds for the kitchen - and I use them all the time!

The first is a simple but very strong ice-cream scoop. We have been looking for a good one for a long time now and I have bought several that broke after one or two uses. I came across this in Ikea last time I was there - it cost a whopping $1.79. It is THE best ice-cream scoop I have ever used - and I'm from Boston - I've eaten a lot of ice-cream!! It makes small scoops - which is great for kids and adults alike and is easy to store and find with the bright pink color! $1.79 - come on that's crazy!
The second is a cheese grater with storage ::
The rubbery material of the bowl makes it really easy to grate cheese into because it doesn't slip when you work with it. There are two different size graters and the grater bowl comes with a top so that whatever you have grated can be easily stored in the refrigerator.  This cost just $4.99 - great deal (HA - no pun intended!!!)
Third find (not kitchen related, though) :: micro-fiber bath mats :: 

I have these in the master bath and we love them. Very soft and dry so fast!! No more wet bath mats that have to be changed every two days. They come in 6 colors and are a easy way to make a bathroom pop - and at $9.99 it's an inexpensive way to do it too!

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