Embracing Chaos

We are huge Nationals fans. I love the Nationals and watching their games, plus most of the players are really cute, etc. etc. Come on - it's the Nats! And because we are such fans, we have WAY too much paraphernalia in the house. I have been trying over the last year to at least corral all of our hats in one place. I bought a hat hanger and organizer for the door in the front closet. No one (my husband) hangs their hats there and instead they cover all surfaces throughout the living room and dining room and the bedrooms. Sigh. So instead of being irritated and mad by the "Nat's clutter" I am embracing it and incorporating it as much as possible into the house. Organizing it into an interesting pattern makes it look purposeful and artistic as opposed to random and messy.

Just look what Santa brought us for Christmas last year ::

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