Customizing a Store Bought Frame

I was wandering HomeGoods the other day when I came upon the frame section. I had just ordered a picture of my kids on the beach - all smiling and looking happy to be in one another's company - VERY rare:)). My husband's side of the bed needed a new piece of art hung above it and I thought a photograph would be nice. None of the frames I saw at the store were exactly what I was looking for. So I made sure I had the right size for the picture, and bought a frame that I knew I could paint and embellish for my purposes. This is what I started with. I knew I could paint it easily. I wanted to tone down the grey and make it warmer. So I added a very thin coat of Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint. This warmed it up - but kept it rustic.

At this point I let it dry, sanded it down and then applied the wax to protect  it - but  I did not like the way it looked. It ended up too grey again. So I just painted over it. Next up was to add some beach rocks - these are not the rocks from the beach in the picture - but what the heck? It still looks nice!

So I got out the rocks and the handy glue gun!

I sorted and placed the pebbles before I had the hot glue gun in hand and then recreated and glued them on. Make sure you glue the flattest side of pebble to the surface - and let it sit and dry a bit before putting picture into frame and hanging.

Now this looks more like what I envisioned for the photograph! Warm and sandy - or pebble-y!

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