Ikea: Resources for Storage

If you read this blog regularly, you'll recognize that we are big fans of Ikea.  Not so much for their upholstery, but we love their case goods, rugs, lighting, and accessories.  The category in which Ikea excels, in our opinion, is STORAGE.  Let's count the ways:

The Expedit system is remarkable for many reasons ::: it works with just about any existing decor, you can see through it so doesn't seem like a dense piece of furniture, it can function as a room divider, and best of all, it is a bookcase at heart, with built-in bookends so you can instantly bring order to your stuff!  We also like how Ikea helpfully provides just the right-sized baskets/boxes to slip into any Expedit bookcase if you really don't want anyone to see your stuff.  Expedit comes in a plethora of sizes and finishes, and you can even buy casters if you want to roll the thing around.

Next up, are the tried-and-true stepped-up storage bin/cubby systems.  You can build an easy, color-coded wall of these things pretty inexpensively.  They obviously work well for kids' rooms and playrooms, but can be helpful in mudrooms, laundry areas, even in an office. You can slide these durable tubs in and out like drawers, and easily wash them.  I also like how you can use the tops to display your treasures.

These are a no-brainer for a kids' room, especially at that price.  I think they are commonly used for the families of stuffed animals that inevitably clutter any child's room, but I'm thinking they'll be great to organize outfits for my daughter on a weekly basis .... especially because I just redid her closet and  have no hanging room:))) More on that in another post.

Last, but not least, is the Brimnes mirror.  I've never seen it before but I don't think it's new.  How could I have missed it?  It's a mirror, with hidden pass-through shelves behind it.  Just 54" tall and 9" deep, it is meant to be mounted on a wall.  You can keep all your products out of sight.

See what I mean about Ikea?

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