Decorating With Shells

A couple of years ago when we came back from Florida we brought bags and bags of shells home! They sat around unused for a long time until I realized I had the perfect vessel for them and the perfect place to put them! I placed them in a bunch of old mason jars that I had been storing up for just such a reason and decorated my back porch with them. I love it and it is a great way to see the shells, yet have them confined and mess-free.

Here is my collection of sea glass that I have found over the years - I love to see all the greens so I keep them right over my sink in a little glass. Next summer I might need to move them to a bigger one! Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to make your house more relaxed and more of a home. Whether you are using wood, plants and flowers or shells and stones, it adds a beautiful element to the feel of your house as well as the look and design.

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