Creative Recycling!

I feel constantly inundated with a steady stream of papers. The kids come home everyday with more and more announcements and reminders and sign up sheets! It's crazy - but I found a way to recycle this paper even before putting it in the recycle bin :: make little pads of paper for list writing or scrap paper or an equation sheet for math homework. Gather all your papers and make sure you have only one-sided papers. Use between 8-12 pieces or it gets too thick for the stapler. Fold your papers in half and cut across the center. Then stack together and staple along the top. After you have used all the papers again, then you toss them into the recycle bin! You can also make them different sizes. I like to make a few that are a quarter the size of the original 8 1/2 by 11 .... a good size to throw in your purse!

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