Before/After: A Cutlery Drawer

We are considering a kitchen renovation, and I'm thinking of better workflow.  I decided to make my family a bit crazy by moving our cutlery drawer, just to see if I could whittle my stuff down a bit and live without the big drawer.  Plus, I needed to organize it!

Here's what it looked like before

Here's my smaller drawer that also wasn't working too hard for me.  I measured and saw that my cutlery insert would fit exactly in the smaller drawer if I turned it sideways.

Took everything out and figured I could store my dish towels somewhere else.

I did go through the rest of my kitchen tools and moved some things around, and got rid of things I never use.  It's a great feeling to know that I can use this for my cutlery -- it will change the function on that side of my tiny kitchen.  Sometimes tiny changes make a big difference.

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