Family Fun :: Puzzles

A couple of years ago when my family went up to visit my parents for Christmas, they had a Christmas themed jigsaw puzzle out on a glass topped coffee table. Much fun ensued! It turned out to be a great indoor project - and now whenever we get together we have a new puzzle to work on. We take them on vacations and have one in the living room where everyone can work on it whenever they want to. Great down-time entertainment. You can find them o line and there are millions! If your family or kids have not worked on one much, start with 500 piece puzzles. Then move up to 1000 piece puzzles. We just finished a fantastic candy wrapper puzzle while on vacation a few weeks ago. Watch our progression - it was addictive and only took us 3 or 4 days to finish it!




Is this puzzle awesome or what?? It was really fun and it makes it easier and more engaging if you can find one like this with little puzzles inside the big one.