Over-Ripe Fruit Solutions

I buy a lot of fruit. My kids eat a lot of fruit - and sometimes when they have been gobbling up say, strawberries, I keep buying more and more berries and then all of a sudden - no one wants strawberries anymore. They have become saturated with strawberries. But I have a huge container of strawberries in my fridge ... which are going to start rotting soon. What to do? Hull them, halve them and freeze them. Same thing happened with a pineapple not long ago. I bought it and then waited too long to cut it open, and when I did it was super over ripe. I did not even want to eat it. So I cut it up and froze it. I do this with bananas all the time too - and then you can use them for banana bread. Frozen bananas are great when used in the blender with just some milk and yogurt to get things going. Once blended, the smoothie tastes just like ice cream! Now, once you have a bunch of over-ripe fruit in the freezer, you are all set for smoothies OR a great summer snack. We discovered last summer that frozen grapes are really fun to eat when it's hot outside! Just pop them into the mouth and chew - COLD and tasty! Trader Joe's also has lots of great frozen fruit - we always have their frozen mango chunks on hand for smoothies.