Quick Change :: Transform your Framed Art

I have this beautiful landscape in my home -- I've always loved the breezy, outdoor feeling it evokes when I look at it -- BUT I made a mistake when I originally had it framed.  I chose this light wood, which I guess I loved at the time, but no longer!

I have other elements in the room, so I thought a nice flat black paint finish would set the image off nicely.  I didn't want to deal with brush painting it or worrying about the brush marks, so I decided to go with spray paint.  I covered the glass with newspaper and secured it with Frog Tape, then lightly sanded the wood, especially at the edges.  I wiped the wood with a damp paper towel and let it dry.

Then I took the frame outside in my yard and set it up on some bricks, so I could get a good coating of paint along the side.  The paint dried so fast and with such a smooth finish --- I was delighted with the final result.

Hung it back on the wall an hour after removing it!

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