New Acquistion!

When we took down a couple walls in the house to open up the kitchen we had this lovely exposed brick fireplace in the middle of the house! For a long time it was bare - and I loved it because it was new and fun to look at, but over time I started thinking about all the things I wanted to put on the wall. Not having the correct tools to do it, it took me a while to have it done. But man, am I happy I did! I found this great bookshelf from Ikea, part of the LACK series. It cost about $50. My original idea was to hang it sideways at the top of the wall - but it was too long so I went with this design and it's perfect! This holds all of my cookbooks and faces the kitchen so I don't have to walk far for my food references. It's also an unusual style of bookshelf and one that gets lots of (positive) comments. I love it!