New Acquisition!


 I was in need of a new bedside lamp - I had been using an old wrought iron affair, which was nice, but not for this space. I wanted a lamp that was pretty, glass and added to my bedside table. And low and behold - I found it! I have discovered that Home Goods is a fantastic source for table lamps. This one happen to be on sale for $29.99, and I would have bought two, one for my husbands bedside table, but they only had one. And I am fine with that - he has another interesting glass lamp on his side, so although they don't match, they go together well. Our bedroom has pink, tan and green accents so I was really excited to find a clear green, sort of sea glass color, to add to the room. All in all I think it brings the room (at least my side of the room!!) together really nicely. I still love it as much as I did when  I saw it on the store shelf. If that ain't true love - don't know what is!