Chalk Paint vs Chalkboard Paint

We have gotten the question:  what's the difference?  The biggest difference is that chalkboard paint is specifically designed to be written on with chalk!  It used to only come in a traditional chalkboard color (black) and now many companies make it in a bunch of tinted colors.  It is a lot of fun and can be functional in many settings.  I have it in my own house, on the lower half of a wall in my eating area.

Chalk paint is an environmentally-sound, low VOC product that provides a matte finish and is best used on furniture.  It doesn't require much in the way of prep -- in many cases, you don't even need to sand first.  There are many makers of chalk paint ::: we have experience using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to add a new touch to wood furniture.

You can use a clear wax coat to protect the painted finish.  You can also use a darker wax coat to tone down the saturated color.  We really like the matte finish of the paint, and it is incredibly easy to apply.  Plus, the available colors are beautiful!

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