A Family Gallery Wall, Two Ways

A client recently requested that we take a stack of photos (some framed and some unframed), and re-imagine them into a design to fill a blank wall in her home.  We looked through the photos and figured out what we'd like to use, then purchased a bunch of frames (from Ikea and Target) in a common theme of black and brushed silver finishes.  We framed them all!

This shows us trying to figure out the best arrangement.  If you are doing this, allow yourself some time to figure out how you'd like it to look on the wall.  It's obviously much easier to play around with the pictures at this stage then when you are pounding nails into your wall.  We used blue tape on the floor to give ourselves a sense of the size of the wall.

Then we took a picture of the arrangement ... a very important step!  That way, we could recreate it on the wall.  Below shows the blank wall.

We started in the center of the wall, and worked out from there, keeping in mind the spacing we were trying to achieve.  
Be patient as you go, and make sure each item is level before you hang the next!  The final product is shown below.  We did not space the items too tightly, and we mixed up the finishes and sizes of the frames.  We also left it a bit flexible, so that the client could add a few more things into the mix down the road.

Next up:: Another client found some great inspiration on Pinterest and wanted to try to achieve that look on two adjacent walls (coming to a corner meeting point) in her home.  She created templates for the different size frames she wanted, and gave us a list to purchase everything.  The below pic shows her initial templates on the wall.
We slowly started to hang the frames (Ribba from Ikea), taking time to make sure each item was level.    We used the templates to find the right spot for our nails, and then ripped each template off as we went.  She chose to put the frames up with no pictures inserted, to get a feel for how the overall concept would look.   Next, she will put the photos in to complete the look.  We love the final product ... such a fantastic feature in her beautiful home!

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