Sneak Peek: Refurbishing Outdated Curtain Rods

One of our clients was interested in updating all the window treatments on the first floor of her home - and she wanted it done INEXPENSIVELY! We took a look and came up with a fun and creative idea, on the cheap! 

The rods were gold and dated-looking, so we decided to spray paint them a more contemporary color and totally change the look. We went with a brushed bronze look (called Oil Rubbed Bronze), dark - but with a sparkle to it.  Purchased at Home Depot.  We took down all the rods and the hardware to go with it, then set it all up outside on drop cloths. We had to take apart the rods and then take off the finials. Here's what our adventure looked like ::

Here's the window treatments before - you can see the gold rods.
Next we took all the pieces apart and lightly sanded all over the gold finish so that the paint has something to adhere to.
once everything was sanded - all the parts - we took the spray paint to it!


 we sprayed about 2 or 3 coats, turning the rods as we went to get all sides painted evenly

 Stay tuned for the final look when the curtains are put back on the windows!

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