Giving New Life To My Plant

I bought this beautiful jade plant a couple of years ago - and it was huge! I sadly watched it slowly dwindle to a spindly little plant. I was recently talking to a friend of mine about this mystery and we decided to investigate. I found that it had been sitting in water for who knows how long - a really long time! So sad! And these plants do not need or like a lot of water. So I took it out of the "pretty" pot that I had - not thinking - stuck the original Trader Joe's pot into, and drained the poor plant. Water poured out for about a minute! So with the plant properly dried - I added nice dry soil and some stones. I even placed some of the leaves that came off the plant into the soil, as I had heard, and my friend insisted, that the leaves will root themselves and grow if just simply set in the soil, and then let it sit without watering it for about a week! I watered it very little once or twice a week and soon started to notice that it was perking up :: the plant started to grow upwards and the little leaves had indeed taken root. I look forward to watching it get bigger and stronger! Success!