Afternoon Veggie Shake

I have become obsessed with my new "green" shake. Around 3 in the afternoon, I really start wanting cake, cookies, cupcakes - anything with chocolate in it. So in an attempt to get out of the reach-for-a-cookie habit, I tried a shake that my friend told me about. It definitely fills you up - perhaps I make too much some times - and I am REALLY full - but it's totally full of good stuff.

Start with a blender and fill 2/3 way to top with raw baby spinach. Then add about 1 cup grapes - either green or red. Then about 5-7 ice cubes. It depends on how thick you want the shake. Just recently I decided to try it with avocado and it was great! I used just half an avocado. Then use one scoop of protein powder or whey powder,  add to 8oz water and stir to mix. Pour that over the ice and start your blender! Blend until smooth and drink. For those of you queasy about drinking raw spinach - you don't even taste it. No joke! Make sure that you get a protein powder you like because that is what you taste! This is great for the morning too - veggies, fruit and protein = perfect breakfast.