Sneak Peek: Before/After Kitchen

A good friend recently changed her kitchen from white cabinets with granite counters to beautiful natural cherry wood cabinets with quartz counters + stunning backsplash.  The basic layout didn't change much, but she did do one major thing:  move the cooktop off the island and got rid of the ovens installed at the wall.  This freed up space for two big changes:  a large, six-burner gas range along the perimeter + an island with nothing to distract from what is a gorgeous focal point for the kitchen.  It was truly the jumping-off point for the rest of the design choices.  The pictures really speak for themselves.

Pretty red walls
Preparing to pack it all away!

The gorgeous slab of granite for feature on island
A sample drawer with our selections -- she ultimately chose the darker quartz for all the perimeter countertops

This shows space for refrigerator and range will go in on the right

Future wine bar!

Island with microwave cutout in the base

Larger view with island in the right foreground

Island front and center.  Goodbye red walls!

Granite installed at island
New gas range with herringbone marble detail above

Wine bar
Wine bar detail